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Community Guidelines for Uploading Videos and Images
Our platform is designed to be a safe and respectful space for users to share videos and images. To ensure a positive experience for all members, we have established the following community guidelines for uploading content:
  1. Uploading only 3D content: You must exclusively upload 3D content, and content containing real individuals is strictly forbidden. Additionally, to ensure the website's integrity within its niche, the upload of 2D content is prohibited as well.
  2. Respect Copyright and Ownership: Only upload videos and images that you own or have the necessary rights to share. Respect copyright laws and avoid using content without proper authorization. It's important to always credit the artists of the content you're uploading.
  3. No Harmful or Offensive Material: Do not upload videos or images that promote hate speech, violence, discrimination, or any other form of harmful content.
  4. Underage content: Absolutely no content featuring minors, whether explicit or non-explicit, is allowed on this platform. Any attempt to upload, share, or promote such content will result in immediate and permanent suspension of your account. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of content that involves minors and will take all necessary actions to ensure the safety and well-being of our users and the community.
  5. Correctly tag your content: Properly and precisely tag your content with character and copyright tags (if applicable), along with descriptive tags.
  6. AI Content: When you add new stuff, remember to put the "AI" tag on it. You have to do this yourself; we won't do it for you. Make sure to follow the tagging rule for your content. Your Content is considered made with Generative AI Programs if a significant portion is generated by them, like characters or backgrounds. Using features that affect Your Content but don't add major AI elements won't classify it as made with Generative AI.
  7. Safety and Privacy: Ensure that the content you upload does not violate anyone's privacy or personal safety. Do not share private information or engage in activities that may harm or endanger individuals.
  8. Prohibited Activities: Do not upload content that promotes or engages in illegal activities, including but not limited to scams, fraud, hacking, or distribution of illegal substances.
  9. Content Quality: Upload content of good quality that is clear and easily viewable. Poorly lit, blurry, or low-resolution content may be removed.
  10. Reporting and Flagging: If you come across any content that violates these guidelines or is inappropriate, use the reporting and flagging features to bring it to our attention. We will review and take appropriate action.
  11. Commercial and Promotional Content: If your content serves a promotional or commercial purpose, please ensure it is clearly marked as such, and the promotion should align with the website's niche (3D Content).

Violation of these community guidelines may result in the removal of your content, temporary or permanent suspension of your account, or other appropriate actions. We encourage all users to contribute positively to our community and help us maintain a respectful and enjoyable platform for everyone.

We kindly encourage you to review our Terms and Conditions of Use for further information.